WeatherAds can temporarily deactivate your campaign or ad set if your weather targeting rules are not met in any of your campaign's targeted locations... but it's only temporary. 

WeatherAds works by adding or removing locations from your geo targeting settings based on if the weather in that location matches your weather targeting rules.
The location gets temporarily removed when it does not meet your targeting rules, and then re-added back in when it does. 

If none of the locations you are targeting match your rules, WeatherAds will automatically pause your campaign or ad set since there are no locations left to target. As soon as the weather changes and your rules are triggered again, WeatherAds re-inserts the relevant locations back into the geo targeting list and your campaign or ad set becomes live again. 

WeatherAds saves your original geo targeting settings so it knows which locations to re-insert back into the geo targeting settings. 

Note: For AdWords, your location targeting will default to 'all countries and territories’ when there are no locations that match your weather targeting – but WeatherAds will pauses your campaign so your ads are not served globally. Do not be worried if you see 'all countries and territories' within your location targeting settings in AdWords - it just means that your ads are not being shown because the weather is not favorable to your campaigns right now.  Your campaign will be restarted by WeatherAds with all original settings intact just as soon as the weather changes. 

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