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How does WeatherAds work if I’m targeting an entire country?
How does WeatherAds work if I’m targeting an entire country?

Here's how weather targeting works for country-wide campaigns, and how WeatherAds divides your geos up into weather targetable regions.

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How broad should my geo targeting be? 

In most cases, WeatherAds will work with whatever geo targeting you have set up for your campaign. Your targeting can be as broad (such as an entire country, or collection of small countries) or as narrow (such as a zip code or address), as you like - including anything in between (cities, counties, states etc). There are a few exceptions and you can read about them in our guide on geo targeting inputs compatible with WeatherAds

How does WeatherAds weather target an entire country?

Let's assume you target the whole of the UK in your AdWords campaign or Facebook ad set, and you only want to show your ads when it's sunny. 

When your weather targeting goes live, WeatherAds programmatically breaks the UK up into constituent city-level geos (e.g. London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow) for AdWords, or custom radius points that cover the whole of the UK for Facebook. 

This breakdown then enables WeatherAds to either adjust bids up or down for each individual city (if that was your rule), or temporarily remove and then re-insert those city geos into your location targeting list (if you wanted to “play/ pause” ads) based on the latest weather data for each of those geos. 

What this means is that you can set your geo targeting at the country level in Facebook or AdWords, and WeatherAds does the ‘heavy lifting’ in terms of splitting your locations down into granular weather targetable zones.


Please keep in mind that in addition to adding and removing geos, WeatherAds has ability to temporarily pause your campaign or ad set, if no geos match your weather targeting rules. Don't be alarmed when you see your campaign or ad set paused, it's temporary and simply means that there is nowhere that matches your weather targeting rules at that moment in time. Your campaign or ad set will become active again when at least one city geo matches your weather targeting rules. 

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