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Does WeatherAds work with other campaign management software?
Does WeatherAds work with other campaign management software?

Can you use WeatherAds in conjunction with Kenshoo, Marin Software, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Acquisio, etc?

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We are aware that some of our clients use bid management software such as Kenshoo in conjunction with WeatherAds, without any conflicts. 

Since we do not work directly with these platforms we cannot give a definite guarantee of compatibility. However, from a very broad technical standpoint we believe that if your bid management system is not optimizing bids based on geo (or indeed weather), then the two systems should, at least in theory, play nice. 

However,  we would always advise you get in touch with your account rep and ask them the technical implications of running weather targeting in conjunction with their campaign optimization software. 

The most definitive approach would be to set up a test campaign with low budget and asses how it performs – that’s really the only way to be certain of compatibility. 

You can create your free WeatherAds account, which will give you unrestricted use of the app for 15 days, and run some tests. 

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