Do you offer a managed service?

We do not buy any media on your behalf or manage your campaigns. We do however have an awesome customer success team to support you.

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WeatherAds is a self-service platform, and therefor do not offer a managed service.  Although many of our clients are digital marketing agencies, we ourselves are not, (we're a SAAS technology company). Therefor we cannot place any media buys on your behalf, do any keyword research for you, or any other tasks relating to the manual day-to-day management of your campaign

Having said this, we do however offer a near- legendary level of customer support, where we will help you with on-boarding and setting up your weather targeting rules. 

Customers on the higher tier plans will receive a ‘hand-holding’ level of customer care with a client success rep where we will walk you through the entire process, from setting up your account and creating your weather targeting rules, through to tweaking and optimizing your weather targeted campaigns to achieve maximum results.

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