Can you advertise based on weather in Facebook?

Facebook does not provide any method to weather target your campaigns (trigger ads based on weather). To automate your Facebook campaigns based on real-time weather conditions you need to use a 3rd party weather targeting tool, and to our knowledge WeatherAds is the cheapest, easiest, and most powerful solution available for Facebook weather targeting.

Can you advertise based on in AdWords? 

AdWords also does not have an inbuilt weather targeting option - for that you would need to use an AdWords weather script (not recommended). Running a bid-by-weather script for your campaign is fairly advanced stuff, and can be challenging to set up and maintain. The weather script is also quite unstable and liable to break your campaign very easily. 

To make matters worse, it can be very costly to run the weather script as you will need to pay for a 3rd party weather API which the script will be calling every hour, for a multitude of locations.  

With WeatherAds, no coding knowledge is required so as a marketer you can easily set up your weather based rules and have your weather targeting live within a couple of minutes. 

WeatherAds also offers much more powerful and flexible weather targeting options. 

Lastly, compared to other solutions, WeatherAds is by far the most cost-effective and has no minimum spend requirements or contractual lock-ins.  

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