Is WeatherAds a script?

WeatherAds is not a script, it's a self-serve platform that lets you add automated weather triggers to your AdWords and Facebook campaigns.

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WeatherAds is not a script, it's a self-serve platform built on the Google AdWords and Facebook Ads APIs. Think of it as a tool to quickly and easily add weather triggers to your search, display and social campaigns 

You can of course opt to use a weather bidding script in AdWords, but these have very limited functionality, they are a pain to set up and maintain, and can easily break or fail. You need fairly advanced level AdWords skills to set them up and run them, and they require a ton of manual data preparation in excel. Plus they can get expensive, because you have to still pay for a 3rd party weather API to be able to use them.

Many of our clients actually switched from using scripts to WeatherAds, as they became frustrated with the implementation process and level of maintenance that scripts requires.

WeatherAds is much easier to use, more cost effective, and more powerful that the bid-by-weather script for AdWords. 

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