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What are actions and how do they work?

How to create your weather triggered actions in WeatherAds

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Action Overview

An action is a change made to your campaign, ad set, ad group, or ad when your weather moment happens. The types of actions you can select will depend on the channel (Facebook, Google Ads, DV360 etc) and the automation type (Single Location or Multi-Location automation).

For a Single Location Automation, a wider selection of actions is available since operations can be executed at various levels of the campaign (e.g. ad level, ad group level etc).

For a Multi-Location Automation, fewer actions are available since they can only be executed at the campaign geo level (Google Ads) and ad set geo level (Facebook, Instagram).

Action Options Explained

Action level

This is the level at which your operation is executed – e.g. campaign level, ad set, ad level etc.

Apply to

This lets you select the specific entity (ad, ad set or ad groups) that you would like to apply the action to. For example, maybe there’s a specific set of ads you'd like to turn on whenever it’s sunny. At least one entity must be included per campaign / ad set. In other words, you cannot have imported campaigns / ad sets in an automation that have no actions assigned to them.


This defines the operation that will be executed when your weather rule is met.

Sustain action

This lets you choose how long your action should remain on for, before being reverted back to the default state (as specified in Step 6).

Until condition ends: Your action will remain on for as long as your trigger is met (in other words, as long as your weather parameters for that filter are ‘true’). When your trigger is no longer met, WeatherAds will check your other filters to see if any of those triggers are met. If no filters are ‘true’, your settings will be reverted back to the default state (as specified in Step 6).

X hours / days after condition ends: Your action will remain on for a pre-determined period of time after your weather scenario elapses. Example use case: Show ads for generators for 5 days after a storm has hit.

Available Actions by Channel and Automation Type

Google Ads (Single Location Automation)

Campaign Level

  • Activate/ deactivate campaign

  • Adjust campaign daily budget

Ad Group level

  • Switch ad group on/ off

  • Adjust bids

Ad Level

  • Play/ pause Ads

Google Ads (Multi-Location Automation)

Campaign Geo Level

  • Turn on/ off ad delivery at geo level (via geo inclusion/ exclusion).

  • Adjust geo-level bids

  • Switch campaign on/ off

Facebook (Single Location Automation)

Ad Set Level

  • Switch ad set on/ off

  • Adjust bid control / cost control

  • Adjust daily budget

  • Adjust lifetime budget

Ad Level

  • Play/ pause Ads

Facebook (Multi-Location Automation)

Ad Set Level

  • Turn on/ off ad delivery at local level (via geo inclusion/ exclusion).

  • Switch ad set on/ off


Line item Level

  • Activate line item (enable delivery)

  • Deactivate line item (Pause delivery)


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