This is because you are trying to target too vast an area within your Facebook ad set, for example multiple US states, multiple European or Asian countries, or the whole of America, Canada, or Australia.

This is due to a limitation of how Facebook operates - as it has a 200 location limit per ad set.

WeatherAds is unable to weather target massive geographical territories from within a single ad set, because the app needs to split the territory up into much more granular custom radius points, (micro-geos) and Facebook only allows 200 of these per ad set.

If you location targeting covers an area that is so vast, that it is necessary to break it down into more than 200 custom radius points, then WeatherAds will hit Facebook’s location limits and the weather targeting will not be allowed to run.

Easy workaround for targeting large geos in Facebook

However, there is an easy way to set your Facebook campaign up to enable weather targeting of large geographical zones. Please review our guide on weather targeting large geographical areas which gives step by step instructions on setting up your Facebook campaign to ensure compatibility with WeatherAds. 

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