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Can you target based on a single location rather than your audience’s weather?
Can you target based on a single location rather than your audience’s weather?

WeatherAds lets users trigger ads in all their geo targets based on the weather in one location.

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WeatherAds has a feature called 'Single Location Weather Sync' that enables you to trigger ads across your geo targets, based on the weather in a single, specified location. For example, you could trigger ads across all the North Eastern US States, based on the weather forecast in Manhattan.  

This is great news for brands in the travel and tourism space such as holiday destinations, ski resorts and tourist attractions. 

This feature is particularly handy if you want to activate ads when the weather is looking good for your business, but you're targeting audiences further afield. 

An example use case for this could be a hotel on a popular beach resort triggering ads to for their rooms whenever the forecast was looking good for the coming weekend. 

They could even make direct reference to the forecast within their ad copy, e.g. 'great weather forecast this weekend for X resort. Book your stay now.'  using the weather both as a targeting mechanism and as a a selling point to increase online bookings for their hotel. 

Another use case would be a theme park could show ads across the country, whenever the forecast for their location looks sunny.  Their Ads could read: "Forecast Looking Great For This Weekend – Get Your Tickets Now!"

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