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How to Set Up your Google Ads Campaign for a Single Location Automation
How to Set Up your Google Ads Campaign for a Single Location Automation

This guide covers best practices for setting up your campaign in Google Ads for use with a Single Location Automation flow in WeatherAds.

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This guide will show you how to set up your campaign in Google Ads for a Single Location Automation workflow in WeatherAds. If you don’t yet know which type of automation flow is right for you, read about Single Location vs Multi-Location Automation.

1. Campaign Types & Bidding Strategies

Most Google campaign types are compatible with a WeatherAds Single Location Automation. However, not all actions are available for all campaign types. Your campaign type and bidding strategy will determine which actions are available for automating.

Note: Video campaigns are currently unsupported. We are working on video campaign compatibility via our YouTube integration (coming soon!).

2. Geo Targeting

Read more about audience's weather targeting vs destination weather targeting here

Audience’s Weather

For a Single Location Automation checking the viewer’s weather, your campaign’s geo targeting should be limited to one single, granular geo, e.g. a county, a city, or a zip code. The broader your geo target is, the less precise your weather targeting may be due to geographical weather variability. When selecting your geo targeting settings in Google Ads, be sure to select ‘People in or regularly in your targeted locations’

External Weather Location

For a Single Location Automation checking the weather in a specific location (e.g. a ski resort advertising to feeder markets), all available types of geo targeting are compatible.

3. Launching Your Campaign

How you launch your campaign will depend on which actions you are automating in WeatherAds. The table below shows the optimum combination of settings to launch with in Google Ads for each scenario.

Launching your Google Ads campaign with a WeatherAds automation

4. Making Edits in Google Ads

Once your automation is switched on, WeatherAds updates your campaign as often as every 15 minutes. It’s fine to make changes to your campaign’s geo targeting settings whilst your automation is live, as well as any other settings that are not explicitly tied to the action you are automating (EG if you are increasing bids with WeatherAds, do not change your bids in Google Ads whilst your automation is live.) If you need to make changes to any settings that are related to your actions, please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the campaign from your automation in WeatherAds

  2. Make the relevant changes in Google Ads

  3. Edit the automation and add the campaign back in.

  4. Go through the automation sequence and re-run the automation.

5. Turning Off Your Google Ads Campaign

Please note that in some cases a paused campaign can be reactivated by WeatherAds, if it is part of a live automation.

To securely deactivate your campaign in Google Ads, you must first remove your campaign from the automation in WeatherAds (or deactivate the entire automation), before pausing your campaign in Google Ads.

6 . Turning Off Your Automation in WeatherAds

Please note that switching off your WeatherAds automation does not automatically switch off your campaign in Google Ads, as these are two independent platforms. As noted above, we recommend pausing your automation in WeatherAds prior to pausing your campaign in Google Ads.

Please also note that when your automation is switched off in WeatherAds, your campaign is not reverted back to its original state. The changes made by WeatherAds during the last update cycle will remain in place. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure their campaign settings are correct once the automation has been deactivated.

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