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What verticals get the best lift from weather based advertising?
What verticals get the best lift from weather based advertising?

Weather affects sales of over 30% of all products and services. Here's all the different industries that are impacted by weather.

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The weather has a massive influence on consumers. It dictates what they do, where they go, what they buy, what they eat, and how they feel. It shapes demand for around 30% of all products and services - and is the 2nd biggest influence on consumer behaviour after the state of the economy.

WeatherAds is designed specifically for weather sensitive brands and digital marketing agencies promoting products and services which are affected by weather. Below are just a few examples of weather dependent verticals that can see significant uplift from using WeatherAds:

Retail, fashion, food & drink, bars, restaurants and coffee shops, travel & hospitality, home-ware stores, home services (e.g. roof repairs), HVAC, CPG, leisure and entertainment, outdoor attractions (e.g. camping sites and festivals), tourism hot-spots, pharmaceuticals, insurance, automotive, taxi and delivery services, sports clubs (e.g. golf courses).

We have seen a lot of examples of weather targeting being used to increase the effectiveness of ads even for non-weather-sensitive products/services, such as computer gaming eCommerce websites, cinema bookings, online news and magazine subscriptions and so on. 

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