What are the main differences between the plans?

All plans give you access to the core WeatherAds platform. There are several key differentiators between the plans, the main ones being; your weather-targeted ad spend, the selection of triggers, the level of support provided, the payment method accepted and the commitment term length.

What is the minimum billing fee?

This is the minimum monthly fee that you will be charged when you are subscribed to a plan. Providing you have an ongoing subscription, every month you will be charged either the minimum monthly fee or your normal plan rate, whichever is higher.

Example: Let's say you subscribe to the Growth plan. The first month you spend $5,000 in weather targeted ad spend. The Growth plan fee is calculated as 9% of $5,000 which is $450. Since $450 is greater than the minimum billing of $149, your fee for that month is $450.

Let's assume the following month you only spend $1,000. 9% of 1,000 is only $90, which is less than the minimum billing of $149, and so you are charged the minimum fee of $149 instead of the standard 9% rate.

Note: the minimum billing is a recurring monthly charge applied to all active (i.e. not cancelled) subscriptions, irrespective of whether or not the account has accrued any spend or had any activity over the billing cycle month.

Is there a minimum spend requirement?

There is no minimum spend requirement to use WeatherAds.

What is the minimum commitment to use WeatherAds?

For the Growth, Premium and Enterprise plans, the minimum commitment is one month since it is a rolling monthly subscription. For the Economy plan, the minimum commitment is one year since it is an annual contract.

Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my plan?

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. Upgrades and downgrades will take effect immediately. When you upgrade or downgrade your plan during a billing cycle, your charge for that full billing cycle's usage (as well as future cycles) will be billed at your new plan's rates - there is no proration.

Cancellations are subject to your plan’s minimum commitment term as specified in the pricing and FAQs. Upon cancellation, once your billing cycle ends, all your automations will be deactivated and your subscription will end.

How does the spend limit work, and which plans does it apply to?

The Economy plan is the only plan with a hard spend limit. That limit is 1,000 EUR, USD, or GBP (depending on your preferred currency). Once this limit is reached, all automations are paused until the new billing cycle month begins, at which point the limit is reset.

For the Growth, Premium and Enterprise plans, the recommended spend brackets are simply guidelines to help you choose the most suitable plan. If you exceed these spend thresholds nothing will happen - though if you do so regularly you may find you are better suited to one of the higher plans.

Is it free to create an account?

It is free and easy to create your WeatherAds account. Once you have created your account, you will gain access to the full set of features including Premium triggers. You will be able to connect your ad accounts, pull in your campaigns and create as many weather targeted automations as you like in WeatherAds. Only when you are ready to set your weather targeting live, will you be asked to upgrade to one of our plans.

How much will I be billed?

For the Growth, Premium and Enterprise plans, your monthly fee is calculated based on a percentage of your total spend across all campaigns that have live automations in WeatherAds. That fee depends upon the plan you are subscribed to and is clearly indicated in our plans above. If you do not accrue any spend, or have a low spend in any billing cycle month, you will still be charged the minimum billing (as stipulated in your plan) instead of the normal percentage fee of spend.

When will I be billed?

The Growth, Premium and Enterprise plan are rolling monthly subscriptions. These works in billing cycle months. Your billing cycle month starts on the day you subscribe, and your billing will be at the very end of your billing cycle month.

The Economy plan is an annual subscription and renewal cycle, albeit with monthly recurring payments (i.e. the minimum commitment is 12 months, but you are charged monthly).

Can I pay by invoice?

For the Growth, Premium and Enterprise plans you can choose to be invoiced.

Please note that for the Growth plan, once invoiced, the payment method used to settle the invoice must be credit card. For Premium and Enterprise plans the payment method can be either card or bank transfer. Please note we do not accept checks as a payment method.

We do not issue invoices for the The Economy plan and payment is limited to card only.

Can I pay upfront for the entire campaign?

If you would like to purchase a set number of months of WeatherAds in advance, we can give you a discount over standard rates (please note, this does not apply to the Economy plan). Please contact us to learn more.

Do you offer any discounts for non-profits and charities?

We do offer discounts for non-profits and charities. We evaluate each case individually. Please reach out to us if you are interested in applying for a non-profit discount.

Does your pricing include VAT?

For those paying in US Dollars or Euros, all our charges are inclusive of VAT. Customers in the UK paying in £ GBP will be subject to VAT on top of the listed rates.

Is WeatherAds self-serve or managed?

WeatherAds is a self-serve platform, so all plans come with an account login. Depending on your plan, you may also quality for additional levels of support from our customer success team.

Where is your data sourced from?

For weather and health indices, we have a strategic partnership with AccuWeather who have been named the most accurate source of weather and forecast data globally. We also source additional 3rd party data from a number of trusted partners. All partners are meticulously vetted and all data supplied is of the highest quality and accuracy available.

How often are my campaigns updated?

Campaigns are updated as often as up to every 30-60 minutes based on latest weather / health / environmental data. We will soon be launching a 15 minute refresh cycle option for the Enterprise plan.

What amount of technical knowledge is required to use WeatherAds?

WeatherAds is a proud supporter of the no-code movement. Users do not need any coding knowledge or technical expertise to use WeatherAds.

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