What if I want to cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time. To cancel your account, simply contact us. For Monthly plans, upon cancellation we will continue to keep your account open until the end of the billing cycle month. You will then be billed for any spend within that past month before your account is closed. For Fixed Term plans, when you cancel we will continue to keep your account open until the end of your 'Fixed Term' period, at which time your account will then be closed.

When will I be billed?

For the Monthly (postpay) plan, we work in billing cycle months. Your billing cycle month will start on the day you subscribe to the plan.

For the pre-paid plan, you will be billed instantly at point of purchase.

How much will I be billed?

For Monthly plans your billing is calculated based on a small percentage of your total spend across all campaigns with live automations. You are only charged if your campaigns accrue spend in that billing month.

You can use our pricing calculator to see what you will be charged depending on your spend amounts. The percentage tiers can be found by clicking 'view spend chart' below the spend sliders on the pricing page.

For Fixed Term plans your charge depends on how many months your campaign(s) will run for, and the their total projected spend.

Is there a minimum spend or minimum billing amount?

There is no minimum spend required to use WeatherAds. However, there is a minimum billing if any weather targeted spend is accrued in a given billing cycle month. The minimum billing amount for Monthly plan credit card subscriptions is $99. The minimum billing for Monthly invoice subscriptions is $399. For customers wishing to pay for a Fixed Term plan by invoice, there is a minimum billing of $599 per purchase order.

Can I pay by invoice?

You can request to be invoiced rather than paying by credit card.

For invoice customers on the Monthly (postpay) plan there is a minimum billing of $399 for any billing cycle month where any spend has been accrued on campaigns running live weather automations. If your weather targeted campaigns accrue zero spend in any given billing cycle month, or you have no live automations, you will not be charged.

For invoice customers on a Fixed Term plan there is a minimum billing of $599 per invoice.

What if I want to be billed by calendar months?

Not a problem! Simply put in a request directly to us via email and we will set your billing cycle months to run as calendar months. Please note this only applies to the Monthly (postpay) plan and not the Fixed Term plan, since the latter is a one-off purchase.

How is 'Monthly' campaign spend calculated?

This is the total spend across all campaigns running live WeatherAds automations during the billing cycle month.

What's the difference between 'Monthly' and 'Fixed Term' plans?

We offer two billing options: 'Monthly' and 'Fixed Term'.

The Monthly plan is a postpay option, meaning every month you are charged based on a small percentage of your aggregate spend across all weather targeted campaigns for that monthly billing cycle.

Our Fixed Term plan is a prepay option, meaning it is purchased in advance. You define the length of time you want to use the service, as well as your projected cumulative spend for all weather relevant campaigns. You can then purchase the plan in advance, and save a massive 29% over the Monthly plan rate.

Should I choose a 'Fixed Term' or a 'Monthly' plan?

Our Monthly plan is a great choice if you're not sure how long your weather adaptive campaigns will run for, or if they do not have a defined budget.

Our Fixed Term plan is the ideal choice if you have a clearly set flight dates for your campaigns and you have agreed a concrete budget. The Fixed Term plan is more cost effective, as it gives a 29% discount over the Monthly plan.

When does the 'Fixed Term' plan expire?

Your Fixed Term plan will expire when either of the following conditions is met: the number of months you purchased elapse (counted from the date your first automation goes live), or your specified campaign budget has been spent, whichever comes first.

What happens when my 'Fixed Term' plan runs out of months or budget?

When your Fixed Term plan runs out of either months or budget, you will automatically be move onto the Monthly (postpay) plan. Any weather targeted spend accrued after this point will be charged at our standard Monthly plan rates.

If you wish to remain on the Fixed Term plan, you can purchase more Fixed Term credit at any time prior to your Fixed Term plan elapsing.

What happens if my Fixed Term plan runs out of time but still has budget remaining?

Once your Fixed Term plan's predefined length elapses, any spend past this point will be charged at our standard 'Monthly' plan rates, regardless of any remaining budget. However, if you purchase another Fixed Term plan, your unspent budget from the previous plan will be rolled over and added on to the new plan.

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