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How to select the best WeatherAds pricing and payment options to suit your needs.

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In this guide we’ll show you how to select the WeatherAds plan and payment options that best suit your needs. You can view our plans on the pricing section of our website, or by navigating to ‘my subscription’ within the app.

Overview of plan types

There are 4 plans to choose from with varying levels of features and support. They are Economy, Growth, Premium and Enterprise.

All plans give you access to the core WeatherAds platform. However, there are several key differences between the plans, with the main ones being; your monthly weather-targeted ad spend volume, the selection of triggers, the level of support provided, and the payment methods accepted.

Choosing a plan

When choosing your plans, the first thing you will want to consider is how much monthly weather-targeted spend you will be running through WeatherAds (combined across all campaigns and ad platforms). Use this figure as the benchmark to determine which plan will suit you best.

In addition, you should consider which types of targeting triggers you will need for your campaign. If the triggers include Premium indices such as pollen, air quality or health data, then you will need the Premium or Enterprise plan.

All plans are rolling monthly contracts which give you the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. When selecting your plan, you can choose to be billed in US Dollars, Great British Pounds or Euros.

The Economy plan: a dedicated plan for small businesses

The Economy plan is designed for very small businesses with a total advertising spend of less than 1K USD/ GBP/ EUR per month across all weather targeted campaigns.

Please note that unlike the other plans, The Economy Plan has a 1K USD/ GBP/ EUR spend cap, which is a hard limit that you will not be able to exceed. If you think you will exceed this amount in weather targeted ad spend, then you can always upgrade to one of the higher plan, as these do not come with enforced spend limits.

How your fees are calculated and what you will be charged

It is important to understand how you will be charged for WeatherAds. When you you are subscribed to the Growth, Premium or Enterprise plans, every month you will be charged either the minimum monthly fee or your normal plan rate, whichever is higher. This is irrespective of your account's spend, usage, or activity.

For the Growth, Premium and Enterprise plans, your monthly fee is calculated based on a percentage of your total spend across all campaigns that have live automations in WeatherAds. That percentage varies depending on the plan you are on. If you do not run up any spend, or your spend is lower than the minimum threshold on any billing cycle month, you will be charged the minimum billing fee instead of the normal percentage fee.

The Economy Plan is priced somewhat differently to the other plans – there is no percentage fee or minimum billing. Pricing is a flat 25 USD/ GBP / EUR per month irrespective of spend or usage. There is a monthly spend cap of 1000 USD / GBP / EUR in weather targeted ad spend.

Minimum billing working example

Let's say you subscribe to the Growth plan. The first month you spend $5,000 in weather targeted ad spend. The Growth plan fee is calculated as 9% of $5,000 which is $450. Since $450 is greater than the minimum billing of $149, your fee for that month is $450.

Let's assume the following month you only spend $1,000. 9% of 1,000 is only $90, which is less than the minimum billing of $149, and so you are charged the minimum fee of $149 instead of the standard 9% rate.

Note: the minimum billing is a recurring monthly charge applied to all active (i.e. not cancelled) subscriptions, irrespective of whether or not the account has accrued any spend or had any activity over the billing cycle month.

Upgrading, downgrading and cancelling your plan

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. Upgrades and downgrades will take effect immediately. Cancellations take effect from the next billing cycle.

If you would like to cancel your plan and monthly recurring payment you can do so by navigating to your plan settings within your dashboard and selecting 'cancel subscription'. Upon cancellation, all automations will be deactivated and your subscription will terminate from the start of the new billing cycle date.

Payment in advance (pre-pay)

Whilst there is no self-select prepay option, we are still happy to accommodate any customers who wish to pay in advance for their campaign. If you wish to pay for your campaign in advance you will receive a discounted rate determined by you total campaign budget and duration. Please reach out to our team to find out more.

Payment options

For Growth, Premium and Enterprise plans, we offer two payment methods; credit card and invoice. For the Economy plan we accept card payments only.

With the credit card payment option you will be asked to provide a valid credit card when subscribing to a Plan. You can also add further cards within the ‘my subscriptions’ area of your dashboard.

With the Invoice option you will be asked to sign a heads of agreement. We will then invoice you by email according to the terms of the plan you have purchased.

Please note that for the Growth plan, the invoices must be settled by credit card, whereas for Premium and Enterprise plans the payment method can be either card or bank transfer. Please note that we are unable to accept checks.

Levels of support

Please note that WeatherAds offers varying levels of customer support depending on which plan you are subscribed to.

The Economy plan is a purely self-serve model. Subscribers will have access to our library of quick start training guides, tutorial videos and the help center database, but will not receive personalized support. As users move up the plans, they will receive higher levels of personalized support, with email support offered for the Growth Plan, chat support for the Premium plan, and virtual meeting room support with a dedicated account manager for Enterprise clients.

To learn more about our pricing please visit the FAQ section of our pricing page where you can get answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

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