In this guide we’ll show you how to select the WeatherAds plan and payment options that best suit your needs. You can view our plans on the pricing section of our website, or by navigating to ‘my subscription’ within the app.

Overview of Plan Types

WeatherAds offers two types of subscription: ‘Monthly Plan’ and ‘Fixed Term Plan’. Both give you access to the full suite of features. The main difference between the two subscriptions is how you are billed; one is post-pay, whilst the other is prepay.

Monthly Plan (postpay)

The Monthly Plan is a postpay option, where you are billed retroactively every month based on your usage. The fee is a small percentage of your combined spend across all weather activated campaigns for that billing month. If your campaigns have not amassed any spend over the billing month then you will not be charged.

Please note the Monthly Plan carries a minimum billing of $99 (for credit card), and $399 (for invoice) if any amount of spend is accrued over the billing month cycle.

Our Monthly Plan is the perfect choice if you are not sure how long your campaigns will run for or if your budget is unknown or liable to change.

Fixed Term Plan (prepay)

With 'Fixed Term' billing you define the length of time your campaigns will run for and your total campaign budget. You can then purchase the plan in advance, and save a whopping 29% over paying monthly.

Our 'Fixed Term' Plan is the ideal choice if your campaign has clearly defined flighting and budget.

Please note that your Fixed Term Plan will expire either when the number of months you’ve purchased elapse, or when your campaign budget is spent, whichever comes first. Once your Fixed Term Plan has expired, you will be automatically downgraded to the Monthly Plan, and ongoing usage of weatherAds will be charged at the Monthly Plan rates.

The Fixed Term countdown only starts when your first automation is set live, meaning you can safely purchase the plan well in advance of your planned launch date.

If at any point you find you’ve underestimated your campaign duration or budget, you can top up your prepaid 'credit' by purchasing another Fixed Term Plan.

Please note, the Fixed Term Plan has a minimum charge of $599 per purchase if paying by invoice.

Payment Options

We offer two payment methods; credit card and invoice. The fees are the same whether you choose to pay by card or invoice, although the minimum billing amounts differ.

With the credit card payment option you will be asked to provide a valid credit card when purchasing a Fixed Term Plan or subscribing to the Monthly Plan. You can also add further cards within the ‘my subscriptions’ area of your dashboard.

With the Invoice option you will be asked to sign a heads of agreement. We will then invoice you by email according to the terms of the plan you have purchased.

For invoice customers on the 'Pay Monthly' Plan there is a minimum billing of $399 providing any spend has been accrued by campaigns utilizing WeatherAds. If zero spend has been accrued, there is no charge.

For invoice customers on the 'Fixed Term' Plan, there is a minimum charge of $599 per purchase.

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