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How to connect your ad accounts with WeatherAds
How to connect your ad accounts with WeatherAds

How to connect your Facebook, Google Ads and DV360 advertising accounts with WeatherAds

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In this guide we’ll walk you through getting started with WeatherAds, from activating your new WeatherAds account, to connecting your Facebook, Google Ads, and Google DV360 advertiser accounts with WeatherAds. By the end of this guide you’ll be ready to create your first weather targeted automation.

Activating your WeatherAds account

1. Create your free WeatherAds account by clicking on the registration link given to you by your sales rep. If you have not received a registration link, you can request access to WeatherAds.

2. Fill out the onboarding survey. This will help WeatherAds tailor your experience to best suit your needs.

3. WeatherAds works best when it is connected with at least one ad account. Connecting your ad account with WeatherAds will not affect or make changes to your account in any way. In this step you can pick which ad account you wish to connect with WeatherAds. Note that you can connect more than one account at this step. If you do not wish to connect any ad accounts at this moment, you can skip this step and proceed to your dashboard (you will have the option to connect them later from within the settings menu).

Connecting your Ad Accounts

WeatherAds works with agency-level ad accounts such as Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads MCC, as well as standard ad accounts for these platforms. Once you have connected your Business Manager or MCC account, you can link one or more of your client accounts with WeatherAds. The connection process is simple and intuitive.

Connecting Google Ads

  1. Click on the Google Ads connector. In a popup window, you will be redirected to a Google sign-in page.

  2. Sign in using your Google login for Google Ads. Please ensure that you are logging in with the correct Google account. Click ‘allow’.

  3. Enter your Google Ads customer ID and hit connect. If you’re not sure how to find the customer ID, here’s a guide.

  4. Select the account(s) that you would like to connect with WeatherAds.

  5. Your Google Ads account should now be connected with WeatherAds. The Google Ads connector should show as ‘connected’.

Connecting Facebook & Instagram

NOTE: Facebook requires that you use a ‘real person account' to manage the Facebook ads/ Business Manager account. It’s this real person account that you need to sync with WeatherAds. Once the syncing process is complete, you will then be able to ‘toggle’ from your ‘real person account' to your company profile in order to import the campaigns associated with your Facebook Ads/ Business Manager account, into WeatherAds.

  1. Click on the Facebook connector.

  2. Sign in using your ‘real person’ Facebook login (the one that controls your business manager account). Please ensure that you are logging in with the correct Facebook account. Click ‘allow’.

  3. Your Facebook account should now be connected with WeatherAds. The Facebook connector should show as ‘connected’.

Connecting Display & Video 360

If the DV360 connector is disabled in your WeatherAds dashboard, please get in touch to request DV360 access. We'll schedule an introductory call to assess your campaign requirements and help you get started with WeatherAds for DV360. After the call, our customer success team will unlock the DV360 connector for your account.

  1. Once your DV360 connector has been unlocked, log in to your WeatherAds dashboard, and click on the DV360 icon.

  2. Sign in using your Google login for DV360, then click ‘allow’.

  3. Enter your Partner ID and hit connect.

  4. Your DV360 account will now be authenticated in WeatherAds, and the DV360 connector should show as ‘connected’.

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