Facebook - preparing for launch

If you would like to create your weather targeting but aren't ready to launch your campaigns in Facebook just yet, you will need to keep them paused at campaign level within Facebook (your ad sets can still be active). 

You can then create your weather targeting rules and set them live. As soon as you switch your campaign on in Facebook, your weather targeting will activate. 

You can also use the scheduling function in Facebook to launch your campaign if you have a certain launch date planned. Again, you can leave your weather targeting on for this, and it will 'click in' when Facebook’s scheduler activates your campaign.

Note it is not enough to simply have your Facebook campaign live and ad sets paused, because once you set your weather targeting live, WeatherAds can activate your paused ad set, if your weather conditions are met. You must have your Facebook campaign in a paused state to prevent this from happening. 

AdWords - preparing for launch

For AdWords, WeatherAds can pause and activate your campaign, so we recommend keeping your weather targeting switched off until you are ready to go live with your campaign. 

At that point switch your campaign on, and then turn your weather targeting on in WeatherAds. 

Using 'Save and Preview'

If you want to create your weather targeting rules without going live just yet, you can also use the ‘save and preview’ function in WeatherAds. This saves your weather targeting settings but does not activate them. When you're ready to launch, you can log back into your WeatherAds dashboard, click on the campaign or ad set, and then press 'apply changes' to activate your weather targeting for that campaign or ad set.

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