WeatherAds is not affiliated with The Weather Channel (TWC), and is not integrated with their website, app or any of their digital properties or any other weather website or mobile app that sells ad inventory. 

You may however be able to use managed placements in AdWords, which is available for the Display Network, to show your ads on, accuweather, or any other website, and then add weather targeting to those ads through WeatherAds.

You may also be able to bid on TWC inventory through through DoubleClick Bid Manager, and use WeatherAds to set your ads to trigger under specific weather conditions. 

One of the main advantages of using WeatherAds over placing ads directly on The Weather Channel's website or mobile app, is that your ads will be shown on Google (for search) and any website in Google's Display Network, as well as on Facebook and Instagram (depending on what type of campaign you run), rather than just solely on The Weather Channel’s assets.

WeatherAds works for AdWords, DBM, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, meaning that your ads will be visible across most of the sites your audiences visit – not just The Weather Channel. 

This means that your ads will benefit from much greater visibility and broader reach, with the added bonus of being able to adapt to any type of weather condition imaginable.  

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