WeatherAds lets you easily apply weather based rules, or 'triggers' to your AdWords, Facebook/ Instagram, and Google Display & Video 360 (DoubleClick Bid Manager) campaigns. Here's how it works..

Once you've created your campaigns in AdWords, Facebook, or DoubleClick Bid Manager, you simply import them into WeatherAds to add your weather targeting to them. WeatherAds works with your existing campaign structure and requires no account changes.

For AdWords, WeatherAds operates at the campaign level by utilizing geo bid adjustments. If you were to target the state of California in your campaign, then run weather targeting for it, WeatherAds will automatically break California down into city level geos, e.g. LA, San Francisco, San Diego etc. This breakdown then enables WeatherAds to adjust the bid up or down or switch your ads on and off based on the latest weather data for in that city.

It works in exactly the same way as if you were to sit at your desk day and night and manually make bid adjustments for each of your geos based on what the weather was doing on an hour by hour basis in each location - however, with WeatherAds it's completely automated, updating your campaign based on high resolution weather data 24/7/365. In other words, once your weather targeting rules are in place, you can just 'set and forget'.  

For Facebook, WeatherAds works in much the same way, except rather than operating at the campaign level, it operates at the ad set level (since that is where your geo targeting is set). 

For Facebook there is no bid adjustment option in WeatherAds, but you can choose to show ads or pause ads based on any type of weather condition (past, current or forecast) 

For DoubleClick Bid Manager, WeatherAds works by switching line items on and off based on the weather. WeatherAds automates the creation of 'weather targetable' line items for your campaign, saving you time and effort over doing this manually. 

What results can I expect from weather targeting my campaigns?

  • Increased click through rate (CTR). Because your ads are more contextually relevant to the viewer, engagement rate increases. 

  • Higher conversion rate. Conversion rate increases because you are displaying ads when weather driven demand for your product or service is high meaning consumers are more likely to make a purchase.

  • Lower cost per click (CPC). Once your CTR improves, your cost per click should drop, since Google and Facebook reward you for showing more relevant ads 

  • Better overall ROI. Many of our clients report a significant drop in their cost per click and cost per conversion meaning they can achieve better results with the same ad spend, ie achieve higher ROI. 

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